Recent Art Show, Commissions, and Other Stuff

Hello, folks! Hope everyone’s doing okay! My current semester at AAU has ended and I’ll be returning to my next one in September.

The Group Art Show “Celebrating The Maternal Image” by Got Art? Inc. at the Mount Vernon Library Is almost over! The show ends on Thursday and I’ll be picking up my piece on Friday! It was a pleasure showing my “Luvbugs” there!

I’ve also been continuing my commissions for the past few months and have really enjoyed doing them!

The two pieces above were commissioned by my friend Breeauna from France! First ones are me and her as Power Rangers beating Klan members and then the second is a double portrait!


And then here’s a TF TG commission I completed last month, I believe!


Here’s another excerpt of another transformation commission I did, and was very fun to practice my cel shading technique:

I’ve done much more but I’m not sure If I should post them here 🙂

Anyways, that’s it for now! And my commissions are still open in case anyone wants one! Paypal preferred. Until next time!