For questions, comments, or commission requests, please send an email to Thank you!

COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Please view my terms of Service and price list below.

Terms of Service

Years active: 2009 – Present


–I have an aesthetic that can be described as cartoon and doll-like. I can capture likenesses to an extent, but I DON’T DRAW REALISTICALLY. Please feel free to see examples of my work to get a bigger scope on my style.

–I’m okay with illustrating anything you’d like as long as it’s legal to draw. Nothing makes me uncomfortable.

–If you ever want your commission printed out and sent to you after I finish, please request for it to be placed on my Society 6 account, where you can purchase a copy. You can also submit it to a printing business of your choice after receiving the file.


–I must be fully paid upfront before I can start your commission!

–Method of payment is through Paypal or Cash App! PAYPAL IS PREFERRED! Paypal and Cash App are free to make an account on. When you are ready to pay, you can click/follow this link: (PAYPAL) or$MeccaAlim (CASH APP)


–I make sure to update you with WIP (work in progress) pictures of your project until it is finished. With every update that I provide you, I will ask you if it’s okay to continue.


–After completing your commission, I will send it as a high resolution (300 dpi) file to your email. I can also send you a link to a file-sharing site that you can download your commission from.


–I have never canceled a commission, but if you ever request a refund, I will refund you the percent of the work that has not been completed (A $100 commission that has been 30% completed will be refunded $70.00 to the client).

–Once I have completed your commission 100%, I cannot offer a refund.


Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you! ~Mecca Alim